Grupo Caliente

Grupo Caliente is a widely successful, 100% Mexican company that has made significant contributions to the development of the entertainment industry through strides it has made to the gaming sector. These include the expansion of services that include bingo halls, electronic gaming terminals, racing simulcasts, and sports betting, many of which were adopted by international betting entities that have recognized the importance of streamlined processes. Under the leadership of Jorge Hank, Grupo Caliente has proven to be one an excellent source of opportunities for employees in the communities the business operates as it expands.  

History of Grupo Caliente

The history of Grupo Caliente goes back over 100 years ago where, in 1916, the company created the first racecourse in Tijuana. This racecourse would later become the Agua Caliente Racetrack, the namesake of the Grupo Caliente title. Since its founding, Grupo Caliente quickly developed into a powerhouse within the entertainment industry, solidifying its presence in several Mexican states and regions within both Central America and South America. Jorge Hank notes that this created a framework for further growth of Caliente’s infrastructure and the company began to introduce services such as bingo and electronic gaming machines in 1998. Grupo Caliente is now the leading company in this sector, continuously improving their processes to create a seamless gaming experience for its patrons. This process is further expedited by Caliente’s vast partnerships that allow it to flourish and expand under Jorge Hank’s leadership.

Dedication to Staff and Customers

One of the aspects of Caliente’s infrastructure that lends itself to the success of the business is the lengths at which it goes to satisfy customers and ensure a positive experience for all visitors. The company acknowledges that innovations within the realm of sports betting and entertainment are popular among those that enjoy these services, and expansions are always made with the experience in mind. For example, The Agua Caliente Racetrack in the time since its founding houses hundreds of gaming machines for customers. Not only is the facility the most modern example of a gaming institution within the country, but it is also reflective of Caliente’s commitment to improve access and quality of services rendered.

Today, Grupo Caliente acknowledges that the most important asset to the company is its dedicated staff. The employees that work tirelessly to ensure that Grupo Caliente remains well-known for its incredible service and atmosphere remain the company’s driving force, and Grupo Caliente is exceedingly proud of the team that it has assembled over the years. From staff, customers can expect efficient service, kindness, and a dedication to creating a positive environment at the facility.

As evidence of Grupo Caliente’s unwavering support of its employees, the company has made several strides to create an environment in which they can thrive. This includes signing agreements with educational institution partners for providing discounts and scholarships as well as programs with the Mexican National Institution for Adult Education (INEA) allowing employees to finish elementary, middle, or high school studies. Caliente also supports employees through situations such as unexpected loses, fires, and natural disasters, recognizing the importance of keeping staff safe and comfortable. This allows staff to uphold their standard of living and work without fear of losing their stability.


In addition to the support that Caliente shows its employees, Jorge Hank recognizes that Caliente is also extremely committed to serving the community of Mexico. Through its program, Caliente Ayuda, the company has presented scholarships for students, facilitated the distribution of toys to lower income families through events, assisted victims of natural disasters, and made numerous contributions in support of healthcare for those in need.

Caliente, through Caliente Ayuda, has enjoyed making donations to individuals in need through institutional events since as early as 1985. The company recognizes that its status as a premier gaming company makes it the ideal venue for hosting events such as Casino Nights for Benefit and uses the entirety of these proceeds to aid institutions that are committed to helping individuals in need. Caliente also is active in volunteer organizing, rallying volunteers to raise funds for charitable organizations, rehabilitate schools and facilities, clean pollution from beaches, and more. The company continues to operate from the ideology that a better future for all can be reached by lending a helping hand to others.

Looking Forward

Jorge Hank and the members of Grupo Caliente’s team recognize the inherent importance of upholding the quality of the company’s services as well as its ability to contribute to a bright future for the communities it aids. As a resource for individuals looking for more information on the gaming space and the social responsibility of Caliente, future posts will provide insights that reflect trends in the industry as well as charitable endeavors overseen by Jorge Hank and Grupo Caliente.