A Quick Look at What Makes a Good Mayor

Many people are called to service and leadership, but what makes them stand out as excellent candidates for serving in public office? Jorge Hank discusses the attributes he believes make a good mayor. What are the characteristics of a good mayor? Jorge Hank believes a good mayor should absolutely have leadership and administrative skills but […]

Why Tijuana is One of The Top Tourists Destinations in The World

Jorge Hank is a Mexican businessman and owner of Mexico’s largest sports betting company. In December of 2004 to February of 2007, he served as President of the municipality of Tijuana. He is a family man and a lover of animals; he has a private zoo that is loaded with some 20,000 species including tigers, […]

Jorge Hank Rhon Discusses Candidacy for Governor of Baja California

Grupo Caliente President and former Mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rhon, recently announced his candidacy for the upcoming Governor of Baja California election. A prominent figure in Mexican politics, Hank Rhon, will be running as a member of the Christian-oriented, social conservative Partido Encuentro Solidario Party. For over 30 years, Jorge Hank Rhon has been an active member of the Tijuana community, […]

Jorge Hank Rhon Discusses Estadio Caliente and Football Club Dorados de Sinaloa

With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, today, soccer holds the title of the world’s most popular sport. Out of the 193 UN member states, 191 nations have at least one soccer team, more than any other sport. A dynamic and highly-skilled sport, it is easy to see why soccer or “football” has such a […]