Why The Design of Casino Floor Layouts Matter

Jorge Hank knows the importance of casino floor layouts. He says the layouts are designed to get clients relaxed and ready to gamble. All of the feelings a player has coming to the casino are carefully crafted by casino designers to keep you excited, happy and gambling as long as possible.

Designers have one objective in mind when designing casino floor layouts, keeping the client inside the casino for as long as possible. One of the top casino designers in America is Bill Friedman.  He used his knowledge from years of a gambling addiction to create casinos that are welcoming and kept players inside for as long as possible.

He studied casinos and the factors that drove success. What made people stay and play in the same casinos when the games were all the same? He spent 20 years researching it and wrote a book called Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition. Many of his design principles are used today in casinos.

Jorge Hank says there are many tricks to the casino trade. Here are some of the tip casino designs to keep players inside and playing.

  • No clocks, so players can lose track of time
  • No windows, also to keep them from noticing the passage of time
  • Long, meandering paths to the restrooms, with lots of enticing games along the way
  • Creating a sense of intimacy at smaller tables to keep players feeling relaxed and comfortable
  • Also having smaller segregated rooms to keep players relaxed and with a feeling there is more to explore in the casino
  • Machines should be the main feature, no other decorations, keep players focused on machines and the games

A Rethink and Redesign of Casinos in the 2000s

Jorge Hank says since the 2000s, designers began to create a new look and feel in casinos. The man behind this redesign is Roger Thomas. He wants casinos to be open and airy and give players space to breathe. He felt people weren’t comfortable placing big bets in smaller rooms. He thought they wanted big, open spaces.

Instead of windowless spaces, he incorporated big, airy spaces. He created high ceilings with flowing fabrics and skylights to let in sunshine and European-style furnishing to decorate the gaming halls. His idea was to create a relaxed environment with clear lines of vision with big spaces so clients would be more likely to stay and place bigger and riskier bets.

Casinos play on all the human senses. Some use aromas piped in, which has been proven to increase the use of slot machines by 46%. Others have begun to use music as background noise in addition to the sounds of the slot machines.

In the end, whichever design is used, know that casinos are specifically designed to be players that entice and hold players for as long as possible.