A Quick Look at What Makes a Good Mayor

Many people are called to service and leadership, but what makes them stand out as excellent candidates for serving in public office? Jorge Hank discusses the attributes he believes make a good mayor.

What are the characteristics of a good mayor?

Jorge Hank believes a good mayor should absolutely have leadership and administrative skills but also have the ability to attract business, jobs and tourists to their city. He also believes that a mayor should work to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the city. Investing in infrastructure is also something that keeps a city alive and growing and keeps tourists coming to a city.

Crumbling roads and streets do not keep tourists coming to visit and present dangers to the citizens of a city. A mayor should prioritize keeping his citizens safe by spearhead efforts to invest in infrastructure and roads. Quality roads ensure goods and visitors can come to a city and its citizens can safely drive on quality roads.

Additional attributes in a good leader include being a good relationship builder, being a team player, able to think critically and being smart with finances.

Why are leadership skills important?

Being a leader means not only having a vision but also being able to get others to see it and participate bringing that vision to life. A mayor should have a vision for the future of their city and be able to sell that vision to the public and get their support. The mayor should also be able to get other leaders to join in that vision to further their city’s development. 

Communication Skills Are Also Important

Being able to communicate with constituents is important, but even more vital is the ability to communicate by listening. Listening to the needs and wants of a city’s citizens and incorporating those needs into a mayor’s vision is something few leaders do. A mayor needs to listen to his citizens and hear their concerns and try to solve their issues once she or he understands them.

Knowing When to Make a Difficult Decision

Another skill that is important is knowing when you have to make the tough decisions. Sometimes decisions are not popular, but if the mayor believes they are necessary, she or he has to have the confidence to act, even if the decision is unpopular.

Some politicians won’t address the issues they know will make their community upset with them. But a good mayor should deal with issues affecting their city or community, even if the outcome will be unpopular with some constituents.

These are some of the qualities that make an outstanding politician and mayor.