Why Tijuana is One of The Top Tourists Destinations in The World

Jorge Hank is a Mexican businessman and owner of Mexico’s largest sports betting company. In December of 2004 to February of 2007, he served as President of the municipality of Tijuana. He is a family man and a lover of animals; he has a private zoo that is loaded with some 20,000 species including tigers, bears, and elephants. At one time he owned an aquatic themed park near Mexico City, which featured the neglected “Keiko” known as the star in Free Willy. Practicing politics and owning businesses, Hank says that, “Tijuana is one of the top tourist’s destinations.”

Tijuana is a resort city known for its bullfighting and racetracks. Jorge Hank, president of Grupo Caliente, believes that Tijuana has some of the most beautiful and historical attractions to see. Tijuana Cultural Center is one of the top places to visit. Known for its spherical shape and desert sand color. It is one of the only institutions for culture and arts in Mexico. Avenida Revolucion is the focal point of Tijuana. With its vibrant colors, the street offers visitors a variety of things from hotels to restaurants, cafes, galleries, craft shops and some of Tijuana’s best Mexican foods.

Mexico is all about markets. In Tijuana local markets are filled with fresh cheeses and candy, to sacks of dried chilies, candles, soaps, oils, cinnamon, fruit, herbs, and incense. Casa De La Cultura is one of Mexico’s buildings that is a site of historical heritage. It includes a theater, the Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez library, the Benjamin Serrano Gallery, Literary Cafe, and plenty of rooms for workshops and exhibitions. Past workshops have included dance, hip hop, language, green cuisine, and more.

Finally, is the Caesar salad. Did you know that when you order a Caesar salad you are ordering Mexican Food? Caesar salad was invented in Tijuana Mexico, starting in Caesars Restaurant Bar at the Caesar Hotel in Tijuana Mexico. It was invented by none other than Caesar himself, Caesar Cardini, who was the owner of the hotel at the time. Pretty interesting, huh?

So, one might think that when they hear of Tijuana, they think that there is not much to see there, but there actually is a lot to visit and a lot of history that comes with the resort city. Mexico is always known to have such vibrant colors and tasty foods, but little did we know that there are some interesting facts that derive from Tijuana’s culture.