Jorge Hank Discusses the Difference Between Online Poker vs Live Poker Games

When someone hears the word “Poker” most people would think of poker games played live at the casino. Jorge Hank explains that not all poker games are played live at the casino, but more so they are played live and online. So, what is the difference between online poker vs live poker games? Is one easier than the other or is one more profitable than the other? Jorge Hank answers those questions on the differences between online poker \vs live poker games.

Online poker is a poker game played over the Internet. There are many different online poker sites that offer dissimilar variations of poker with a wide range of games and stakes available. The main thing to recognize about playing poker online, is that you are playing against other real players. You could be playing up against opponents from all over the world. Playing poker online is somewhat of a different experience than playing live, but the concept is essentially the same.

The first step in online poker is to choose where to play. Since there are over 100 different sites to choose from, it is important that you make the right choice. Look for a top-rated site, these are the most trustworthy. They also have the best sign-up bonuses, are customer and payer friendly, and offer the best online poker experience. The second step is poker bankroll management. The most important thing when playing online poker is knowing how to manage your money. Always know how big your bankroll should be. Know how much you need to win before you move up. Finally, do not put your life savings into the pot thinking it will take you to pro level. The third step is the poker bonuses and rewards, which are other ways to make some money. These are sign-up bonuses that you can choose to enter which can offer you incentives such as $100 bonuses, $100 rewards, or $5 every time the player rakes $25. Rake relates to bonuses you must play “raked “to qualify.

Live poker is easier than online poker. With live games you are limited to just one table and the pace of that table will be much slower. Not all the time will there be game availability. Like online poker games, there are always spaces to join in, it is not that way with live poker games. There is more socializing with live poker than there is online. If you are someone that likes to be out and in the heat of the moment, then live poker games are for you. The other plus to live poker games, is the benefit of being able to see the opponents body language and facial expressions, whereas online you cannot.

Here is a simple breakdown of the main differences between online poker vs live poker games:

  • Online poker offers more variety.
  • Online poker games are more convenient.
  • Playing online gives players access to many strategy tools.
  • Live poker is much slower.
  • Live poker is usually played softer.
  • Live poker offers a better social setting.
  • Tells are more important in live poker games.

Those are the main differences between online poker games and live poker games. What is more important is your personal style in how you like to play poker. While some prefer being in the social setting, others are more introverted and like to be in the comfort of their own home. Looking at the pros and cons of both are also a factor in determining which game is more suited to your style. Either way, the games are fun and whether you play online or live, you are using a skill that in the end is meant to make you some money.