Jorge Hank

Jorge Hank
The Millennial Arch (Arco y Reloj Monumental), a metallic steel arch at the entrance of the city of Tijuana in Mexico, at zona centro a symbol of union and vigor to the new millennium and a landmark that welcomes tourists in Avenida de revolucion with a sign that reads Bienvenidos a Tijuana.

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the insights and career of political figure and businessman Jorge Hank. Jorge Hank realizes that there are many people that want to learn more about his ideas in both politics and the business development space. Mr. Hank would like to use this website as a resource for sharing information on his political ideology and concepts that he pulls from to see success in his business.

Jorge Hank is perhaps most well-known for his previous role as president of the municipality of Tijuana from 2004 to 2007. During this time, Jorge Hank showed a great interest in creating a strong infrastructure to benefit Tijuana and its citizens. In the time since his mayorship, Jorge Hank has remained active in politics, citing his interest in unity and the upholding of positive family values as motivators for his endeavors in the space. More specifically, Jorge Hank Rhon wants to make Tijuana a safer place for families and provide support for the country as it experiences unprecedented growth and development.

Jorge Hank has recently announced that he is running for governor of Tijuana, bringing to the table a range of talents and successes that many believe will lead Tijuana to prosperity. Jorge Hank believes that his vision for the city that he calls home is what truly separates him from his political peers. While he is running under a new platform than his previous endeavors in politics, Hank’s longstanding record of improving the quality of life of its residents remains evident in several of his previous actions and commentary while acting as a politician. With a keen eye for infrastructure, implementation of new processes, and a love for his people, Mr. Hank believes that he is an excellent choice for ensuring that Tijuana remains a successful, beautiful country.

Jorge Hank Facilitating Changes for Safer Roads

Jorge Hank became well-known over the course of his political career for his commitment to making Tijuana a safer place for all. To do so, Jorge Hank applied his knowledge of infrastructure to help alleviate safety concerns. Fixing roads was one of Mr. Hank’s primary concerns, as he noted that fatal accidents could potentially be prevented by making Tijuana’s roads more streamlined and safer.

One of Jorge Hank’s most considerable contributions to Tijuana during his prior administration was his investment in an overpass at the Alba Roja intersection. The 45-million-peso investment greatly improved the surrounding area by improving the flow of traffic and safety of the road, as the Alba Roja intersection is in proximity to the heavily trafficked 5 y 10. In the time since the Hank administration, there are still improvements that could be made to make roads in Tijuana safer for citizens. Motor vehicle accidents remain a leading cause of death in Mexico for a variety of reasons. Road damage may not always be quickly repaired, and potholes may present a significant driving risk to those traversing the roads. As one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, Tijuana will continue to benefit from investments towards improving road quality such as those that were implemented during Jorge Hank’s administration.

Jorge Hank is excited to share more insights for how Tijuana’s roads can be made much safer for travelers. It is his opinion that simple changes that can be quickly implemented are ideal, as they can help Tijuana as it continues to grow while also creating projects that can bring jobs to Tijuana’s hardworking workforce.

Commitment to Uplifting Tijuana’s Citizens

Jorge Hank’s love for Tijuana is evident in both his political career and business endeavors. It is Mr. Hank’s belief that infrastructure in Tijuana can be improved by uplifting Tijuana’s working class, empowering Tijuana’s citizens to play a first-hand role in its development. Jorge Hank Rhon is no stranger to helping others, as seen through the multiple methods of support that he provides for his employees at Grupo Caliente and his many charitable contributions over the years.

Jorge Hank has shown a strong interest in protecting family units in Mexico, which he believes can be done by providing a safer environment that his people can flourish within. Mr. Hank’s political moves are always made with the wellbeing of Tijuana’s people in mind, and he has continuously found ways to bring voices to the voiceless as it pertains securing their needs.

Interest in Improving Voter Turnout

In 2016, Jorge Hank spoke to the lack of citizen participation in the political system, particularly when it came to voter turnout. One of the most glaring issues that Hank pointed to was that many polling stations were not installed in Tijuana, an obstacle for voters that may have wanted to vote but could not easily access a station to cast theirs in time. For this reason, Jorge Hank stated that he has considered the electoral authority should pay the electorate to venture out to the polls, a facet of compulsory voting that occurs in other countries.

 A system that pays the electorate for exercising their voting privileges could improve voter turnout by giving citizens that may be unable to vote due to work responsibilities the freedom to visit the polls. As citizens recognize the importance of voter turnout following elections such as the 2020 United States Presidential Election, concerted efforts to improve voting statistics could mean that individuals voted into office properly reflect the ideals and interests of the average citizen.

Implementation of Technology to Address Safety Concerns

Under Hank’s administration in 2006, Tijuana made great strides in improving issues with kidnappings. During this time, the municipal government made improvements in satellite surveillance to reduce crimes in the area, which included installing GPS devices on the cars of people that could be potential victims of the crime. These individuals included businessmen that were particularly susceptible to kidnapping, people who have been victims of kidnapping previously, and those that were likely to be kidnapped. In the time since Hank’s administration made these efforts to contain intensifying crime in Tijuana and reduce instances of kidnapping, human trafficking and kidnapping has emerged as a prevailing issue in several other countries. To this point, insights on how to improve safety for the benefit of citizens is only further emphasized in the present day.

Jorge Hank acknowledges that there has been a steady growth in the average citizen’s interest in politics, as many recognize the importance of participating in the political space. Still, he realizes that it can be difficult to become fully educated on the space and candidates given the responsibilities citizens have. To this point, Jorge Hank would like this site to act as a resource for individuals that are looking for more information related to his positions as a businessman and politician. Future posts will include information relevant to business development, Hank’s projects as owner of Grupo Caliente, and reflections on Hank’s political endeavors in both the past and present.